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RightGreen | Furniture Recycling | Tonnes of waste thrown each year


RightGreen | Furniture Recycling | Tonnes of waste thrown each year

What Is The Issue?

Only 17% of disposed furniture is recycled in the UK, this is making a significant contribution to our Carbon footprint. Not only is this creating a landfill issue, it’s also affecting your pocket directly through higher taxes to pay for extra resources. Each year we waste thousands of tonnes of perfectly useable furniture, why aren’t we recycling?


What Are The Numbers?

It takes 1000x more CO2 to produce new furniture as opposed to refurbishing, yet people are still choosing to throw away the old and buy new. 

Recent investigations by the Waste & Resources Action Programme shows that, “The environmental benefits of reusing one tonne of sofas are the same as recycling one tonne of plastics.”

What Can We Do To Stop It?


Quality Over Quantity

Whilst it may be more affordable to buy flat pack furniture from big name brands, it goes a long way to buy a higher quality product. Not only will the framing of the furniture be better built, but the materials used on the exterior will be higher quality meaning it’ll be less likely to wear through and be thrown away in a few months time.

Keep Your Labels!

By law, all furniture sold in the UK has to have a label showing that it is fire resistant to a degree. When people buy new sofas, they tend to remove the labels rendering the furniture useless as charities are unable to resell. By preserving these labels, you are enabling a charity to extend the life cycle of your unwanted items.

RightGreen | Fire Resistant Fabric
RightGreen | Upcycle your old furniture


Upcycling is becoming the popular choice for old furniture, you can completely transform any piece of furniture and make it look brand new. Why replace your furniture when you can upcycle, save money and save the environment.


Donating furniture is a great way to reduce your Carbon footprint. Through companies such as ourselves, you can choose for your furniture to be listed on an online portal with over 1000+ charities & organisations registered.

RightGreen | Donate your old furniture


RightGreen – Furniture Waste

Before your business sends its unwanted furniture to landfill, give us a call…

We can collect, reuse, rework & recycle your unloved items giving it a new lease of life, boost your Green credentials & make the right choice for our planet – all whilst helping to save money and avoid unnecessary landfill taxes.